My Love-Hate Relationship with Work

It’s Monday, a day that most of us dread and look upon as some necessary evil.

I would have danced to work this morning if it hadn’t been so cold (and early). After Sunday with demon-child, work felt like a much needed 8 hour break. (Sorry Daddy, your break will come on the weekend)

Most of us probably have a bit of a love-hate relationship with our jobs, but I wonder how many of us secretly look forward to it after the weekend. It has become an almost guilty pleasure to leave the house for an entire day and spend it with OTHER ADULTS. I know, funny concept, but it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those parents that can’t wait to ship their children off to summer camp, Grandma’s house, school etc. In fact, we have never spent the night apart from our child. Usually we are one of those sickening families that plan outings together, family movie nights, play games and even bake together. (Disgusting, I know)

We seem to have come up hard against the wall of 3 year old toddler-hood. It doesn’t help that we have a sensitive, overly dramatic child. He is the only child at preschool (2hours, twice a week) that screams his head off EVERY-SINGLE-TIME Daddy goes to pick him up. (Poor Daddy) Changes can be difficult for him, even after the 5 minute and 2 minute reminders. His natural personality, which we try to nourish, blended with typical toddler-hood, has been a recipe for disaster (well, a lot of screaming anyways). By the end of the weekend I sometimes feel more exhausted than I did after 5 days of work.

My first 10 minutes of the work day, I am alone in the office. It is quiet. The smell of fresh brewed coffee is in the air, the gentle hum of the heating system the only noise. And, for the first time in 2 days, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and fully relax. It really is a guilty pleasure. One that can only be fully enjoyed in knowing your child is being properly taken care of by the other parent.

The majority of my days, I hate having to leave my family while I go off to work. It really has become a necessary evil. But, now I can appreciate something my work provides (besides a pay check). It provides me some much needed parental downtime. A chance to regain some of my sanity before the evenings and weekends come around again.
Perhaps I need to make my husband get out by himself more on the weekends? (There is a pub nearby!)


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