Foodie Family: Part One


Food has become the focus of our family. It is the thing that ties together all of our various plans and adventures.

Since Goose was 6 months old, we have introduced him to so many different food cultures. Spanish, French, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Scottish, Canadian/American, Turkish, Thai, and Indian cuisine have been enjoyed so far. We cook at home from scratch, so he has seen and smelled the different foods cooking. He is so aware of the process and enjoys being a part of it (sometimes to the annoyance of Daddy, the main cook)

One of his favourite pastimes is to smell and taste the different spices and herbs in the kitchen. Outside, in the spring and summer, we have fresh chives, mint, blueberries, strawberries, cilantro and basil. Goose already knows what he is allowed to pick and eat (and use in his various creations, usually including mud – YUM)

It is wonderful to have something in our lives that I hope with bring us together as Goose gets older. As we start travelling more, it is a fantastic introduction to new cultures. Food also provides us with conversation, experimentation and laughter.

Goose has learned that it is okay to like different things than other people. We eat together as a family. This encourages conversation and connection. No matter how our day has been we always come together as a family over food.

Even watching cooking shows together has been so enjoyable. Goose actively joins in with what is happening and then does his own experimentation with his felt and plastic food. Even plating it for us, sometimes better than the professionals he watches on television. (We also have the added bonus of watching something together other than the never ending children’s programs)

Most of the cooking programs we do watch involve travelling and experiencing other cultures. This is a great introduction to what we plan to do as a family. Goose loves seeing the various places people visit. He asks so many questions about their clothing, language and the various activities they are doing, besides cooking.

I am so excited to start our travel adventure, with food as the common element that brings us together. YUM!


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