On the road to independence – Toilet Training Prep.

We have decided to embark on the adventure known as toilet training!

After a lot of talking, reading and agonizing we have decided the best option is to go cold-turkey. This entails getting rid of all nappies/pull-ups and going straight to big boy pants/underwear (TERRIFYING!). Even at night time or going out (The horror).

We have set a date, spring break, and it’s time to start the preparations. In addition to many pairs of underwear, old towels, bedding and pads, we probably need to work mainly on our emotional preparations the most.

I am not afraid to admit that I am terrified of doing this. I know it is time and I am comfortable with our decision and timing. My biggest concern is our son and his fierce independence (ok stubbornness). Typical of most 3 year olds, but still something of a concern to me. It is so important to maintain a calm, understanding approach, and at times I am sure I will be tested to the limit of my patience.

As parents, I think our main flaw at the moment (only one?) is allowing our son to do things on his own. Such as dressing himself and brushing his teeth. Not because he’s not capable of it, but mainly because we haven’t allowed for the time it takes for him to do things himself. Surprisingly, he allows us to do these mundane task for him, most likely though it is only so he can get back to the business of play much quicker.

Just this evening, I had him put on his pajamas himself. It took some time and he did get a bit frustrated, but I was so surprised at his reaction when he did it. He was elated and so proud of himself! This has encouraged me to make sure I provide him more opportunities to be independent. Hopefully, potty training will also provide him with a much needed sense of self accomplishment.

Let’s just hope we won’t need to use the carpet cleaner too much! (Though secretly I’m relieved to know I will be working all week… again, poor Daddy!)


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