‘Unstoppable force meets an immovable object’

Toilet training… sounds like a nice course or short weekend class one would take to earn some sort of certification or license.

It does not convey the frustration, annoyance, smell or the buckets of laundry involved. I can well understand why so many of our friends and family members still shudder years after having gone through this stage of parenting themselves.

How wonderful would it be to start a toilet training business, one where you send your bundle of peeing/pooping joy away for the week (end?) and are magically presented with a bladder and bowel controlling toddler!? Now if we could only figure out that lesson plan, I would be a multimillionaire.

Instead, we have decided to go mostly cold-turkey and ditch the nappies/diapers expect for bed time. So far, Goose hasn’t tried to go in the toilet once. NOT EVEN ONCE! We are onto day 4 here and numerous laundry loads. At first, I think he actually found it fun to wee in his pants and run to tell us. We made sure that he cleaned up his mess by himself, changed himself and dressed himself again. (Oh the minutes of entertainment that provided)

Though, I think we might actually be reaching a turning point now as he is not having such a good time changing out of wet clothes all the time. It isn’t a fun new thing anymore. So maybe we will start to see some improvement soon. I really hope so, as we have given ourselves 2 weeks to our goal of day time dryness. (Maybe an expectation of time was a bad idea?)

This is truly the most maddening, frustrating, tear-inducing thing I have ever done. It has also turned out to be the best thing ever for my ‘Yell Less, Love More’ challenge. This is not to say I haven’t been upset or annoyed, but I have not lost my temper and I have really had to practice trying to remain calm. (Though I did put my foot down today about weeing in the bedroom, at least to get him to go to the bathroom when he does it!)

Reminding myself that we all went through this, one way or another, and that he WILL go to the toilet eventually, sometimes helps when dealing with another puddle on the carpet. It is all a learning experience, for all of us and one I am determined NOT to go through with this new little one. (Idea for next blog post – Elimination Communication)

Time to borrow the carpet cleaner again… (le sigh)


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