The Resurrection of the Photo Album.

When I was growing up, I would spend hours at my Grandparents house looking through all the old photo albums. I loved seeing all the different family members and hear the stories about there lives. It really helped to provide a sense of personal history and family connection in my life.

This new modern age of photography and all the electronics involved have managed to create an abundance of pictures, but without the ease of sharing them. It isn’t very often that the family will gather around a computer screen to laugh, share stories and the history within our photographs.

Being pregnant, I have found myself wanting to share with Goose pictures of himself as a baby. And through those pictures, provide him with some context of baby’s. It would make it more personal and children love seeing and hearing stories about themselves. Though he is very happy to look at a computer with me, it doesn’t provide that coziness of a photo album.

Part of the thrill as a child was being able to choose for myself the album I wanted to look through, as well as being able to actually turn the pages myself. I could exaimine each picture close up and spend as much time as I wanted exploring the faces of each person. This is not so easy when a computer is involved.

Though I understand it is wonderful to have so many pictures at our disposal and possible to safeguard them from fire, flood or theft – it comes at a price. The family photo album was a connection to our past. It provided us with a chance to share our history easily, to tell our family stories together.

Now that Goose is getting older, I think it is time to re-create the family album. Especially now that my Mom is dying. I want to show pictures of growing up together, as well as Goose’s time with her. It is a way of keeping her memory alive. It’s time to resurrect the photo album and keep our history alive.


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