The Home Birth Conundrum

Ever since I was pregnant with Goose, I wanted to have a home birth. In Spain, where he was born, that wasn’t an option, though we did have midwife care instead of doctor care throughout the pregnancy, labour and birth.

Now that we are in Canada for our second baby, I have basically decided to have a home birth. I say ‘basically’ because there could always be complications or other things to consider. This is something I am determined to do, for myself and for our baby.

The hardest thing is how to tell other people. It is not something I am just going to bring up, but it will probably come up at some point before the baby is born, especially with family. One of my biggest ‘pet-peeves’ is having to explain/defend our choices to other people. Hubby and I do not just choose things without extensive research (mostly on my part).

I am a research junkie. I tend to research things to death before making a decision on what works for our family. This makes it very difficult to have to then defend our decisions to other people as I have already had to explore every article possible on every aspect of a particular subject.

Some subjects I have researched include:natural child-birth, effects of pain medication in labour, breastfeeding, skin to skin contact, baby-led weaning, cloth diapers, baby carrying, homeschooling and travelling with children. My research included reading and listening to both pro’s and con’s as well as extensive psychiatric, scientific and educational research papers and statistics.

After all this research, Hubby and I have made the best choices for our family. This includes our choice to home birth. It also includes the possibility that Goose may be included in the birth process. He may be there and witness the birth of his baby sister. Of course, we will have one or more trusted people available if he needs to leave, but as long as he is not bothered and I am not distracted, I have no problem with him being a part of something so natural.

Now how do I explain all this to my loving family and friends? How do I request them to accept and support our decision, even if it is something they do not agree with? And, most of all, how do I explain that in no way do I want to hear any ‘horror’ stories they may have heard – in a misguided attempt to change our minds?!

Thankfully our midwives are fully supportive and don’t see any problems with my ability to give birth in the comfort of our own home. Let’s hope everything works out.


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