The Adventures Commence!

Let The Adventures Commence!

After 3 flights, with 8 weeks old, 4 year old and husband in tow, we have finally all made it to Alloway, Ayr, Scotland… at least somewhat alive and intact.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures to commemorate our successful trip. As I am sure any travelling family will understand the last thing on my mind was digging through our over packed baggage to find the camera. Disturbing the well-organized location of essentials, such as diapers, wipes and snacks, was really not a priority, so needless to say, this post will go picture-less. Sorry to disappoint.

In all honesty, I have no idea how we managed it, but we must have passed on the travel gene to our children. They were by far the best behaved kids on the plane and in the 5 hour lay-over at Halifax airport as well. Did they have the occasional meltdown? Of course they did! But it was short lived and easily diverted.

And even though this was a relatively pain free event, I don’t know if I would recommend it to another family. Obviously, as the writer of a family travel blog (yes that IS what I am supposed to be writing about!), I strongly believe in travel with your children. This does not mean I am saying it is easy or enjoyable. The travel part of our adventures is not necessarily fun, but the end product is bound to be much better. Thankfully we had it easy compared to a lot of other families on board. Let’s just hope that continues as we embark on this adventure.

After 11 days in Alloway, having bought a car and filled it with ‘necessities’(more on that in future posts), we will be driving to southern England, staying in Surrey for 3 nights and embarking on the “cruise” ferry to Bilbao, Spain, where we will be meandering our way down to the island of Ibiza.

Now I do understand that car journeys differ greatly from plane journeys, so it should be interesting to see how it goes. I do think our biggest hurdle will be finding the balance between our children’s needs and our driving/time schedule needs. Poor Goose seems to take a back seat lately to our new addition, Little Miss. Something I hope to address during this trip, as he badly needs to be able to do things he wants to do without having to wait until she is ready.

More blog posts are sure to follow as and when possible… This post has been made possible by jet lag, two sleeping kids and a bottle of wine (soon to be followed by a second one I know I will be regretting come morning time)


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