Homeschool Apps We Love

Though at first I was not keen on using any technology during the early years of our homeschooling, I have recently become an app enthusiast. As mentioned in a previous post – I have decided to forgo/wait until Goose is older before introducing a more structured approach to learning. Though, as I have recently started following (and loving) this blog – I may not introduce more structure at all and just provide learning opportunities for Goose to choose himself.

Regardless of what we choose together for Goose’s education, I have found some wonderful apps (all android) for our recently acquired tablet (thanks Mum). Of course, I did spend a lot of time researching educational apps, as well as downloading and deleting quite a few that I did not like, Goose did not like or ones that just had too many ads.

My favorite apps tend to have an intuitive interface that requires little parental guidance for Goose to figure out. I also favor calm game play and interesting graphics.

Here are the current apps I can personally recommend, in no particular order:

1. Anything by LumiKids – these are apps for children by Lumositylabs. They currently have three available – Lumikids Park, Lumikids Beach and Lumikids Backyard.

These apps teach children sorting, visual-motor coordination, attention, fine-motor skills, planning, response inhibition, auditory processing, learn quantities and weights, explore spacial relationships, use problem solving and logical reasoning. I can highly recommend anything they do and am currently excited to be part of their upcoming beta test group for Lumikids Snow!

2. Doctor Panda’s Restaurant: Asia

Goose loves this app. It involves picking out the food for certain dishes, preparing the food (chopping, grating, blending etc), then cooking and serving the food to a guest. This app is probably a lot for game than educational, but Goose repeatedly comes back to this one. There are a lot more apps available in the Dr. Panda series, but we currently only have this one. Here is the link to their website for more info.

3. MarcoPolo : Weather

This app is wonderful. So good I actually paid for the full version. Goose loves it. It teaches so much about the weather, in a fun way. Please check out their website here, as it is best to read about them in their own words. Just wonderful!

4. Pixel Parker: The bedtime story that’s never the same tale twice.

Goose keeps coming back to this story as well. It is part game, part bedtime story (though we don’t use it at bedtime). Another fun, calm game he keeps coming back to. Here is the link to the website for more info.

5. Smile and Learn: Super Buildings

This is sort of like a puzzle app, but it aims to help kids build spacial skills. Goose has never really liked puzzles, but enjoys this app a lot. It has really helped him with this skill. Lots of fun as well. Here is theย link to their website for more info.

6. Forestry – Funny Animals

This is a recent find and one that I think Goose will really enjoy. It has a lot of beautiful graphics and the game play is calm yet entertaining. This is another one I will probably pay for the full version. Here is the link to google play for download.


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