I don’t have all the anwers, but…


Today I looked at the state of the world and truly wondered what we are leaving for our children.

So many of us, myself included, are content to turn a blind eye and pretend that things aren’t really that bad. That most of these horrible things are happening in other countries that have, more or less, been at ‘war’ with each other ‘forever’. Though countless lives have been lost in similar attacks throughout the Middle East and elsewhere, we don’t become interested, compassionate or angry until they start to happen on our doorstep.

When will we start treating every life as valuable? When will we start to realize we are all part of a whole and what happens to one will eventually happen to all? If we continue to turn a blind eye to atrocities in some countries and to some people, we are in effect, allowing it to eventually happen on our own doorstep, to our own people. We are all a part of the human race and as such we need to stop focusing on our differences. It would be a truly amazing world if we would just work together for the benefit of all.

No, I do not have all the answers. I do not know how to solve all the problems or how to speak so people will listen. I do not know how to ask people to put aside generations of hatred and prejudice. But at some point we have to ask ourselves what our ultimate goal is, as a people. What are we fighting for? Would it actually change anything if we ‘won’? Are past grievances worth all the suffering caused today? Are our beliefs really worth hurting others? Is one life truly worth more than another based on belief, education or post code?

I watch my children grow and realize hatred is not determined by genetics, it is taught. How dare we call ourselves adults. How dare we teach our children to be kind, to share and to play together nicely when by watching any news program they can see that we do anything but.

Children will learn far more from our actions than our words and what they learn from ours makes me fearful for the future. We need to step up as parents and start communicating love, compassion, empathy, equality and acceptance to our children. We may not always agree, but that does not mean we can’t get along.


2 thoughts on “I don’t have all the anwers, but…

  1. Yes…LOVE and RESPECT! What others do, we have control over. I think what is important, is that we hold to our hope for love & peace, and live accordingly. Be kind to all. Every person deserves to be safe, and walk in peace and freedom.

    Life is a journey, I am inclined to believe thatbwe are here to learn…LOVE & RESPECT = PEACE = JOY!

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