A Picture Tells A Thousand Words – Our Homeschool Week

In an effort to calm my homeschooling mum nerves, I decided to take pictures of Goose’s activities/play this week. There was a part of me, though I have read enough research to know otherwise, that still had a hard time with unstructured schooling.

Thankfully, I was presently surprised at all the learning going on in our house, mostly without much input or assistance from me. And these pictures have only been of the activities inside! We have also done almost daily nature walks, beach days, fishing, shopping and playing outdoors.



Recently, I have been reading a wonderful blog (currently featured on my home page) entitled ‘Happiness is here’. It had inspired me to start creating self-directed learning spaces/areas. Currently I am still working on where to put these spaces as we are living in a small 2 bedroom apartment, but I have managed to start with a maths area (see picture below).


Goose was SO excited when he saw this area. It really made me wish I had tried this sooner. He proceeded to explore everything. In the drawer beneath I also included a dry erase board/white board, a magnetic alphabet book and some blank books of paper (Goose prefers to do his own drawings instead of using colouring books).



It was interesting to note how difficult it was for me not to step in or micromanage his learning. Allowing myself to step back unless assistance was requested showed Goose that I trusted him to figure things out by himself. There was such a look of pride in himself when he could do things on his own. And I enjoy watching him experiment with how things work.


Goose also takes a lot of pride in his school area. He likes to make sure everything is put back ‘just-so’ and though I appreciate his attention to detail, I hope it doesn’t become an issue for him. He already shows some OCD tendencies (hand washing for example) which I hope he will naturally grow out of. But it is just so cute to hear the pride in his voice when his friends ask what all the stuff is.

“It’s just my math homeschool stuff”, he proudly says with a cheeky grin.

And I find myself smiling that proud mum smile… my little boy is growing up.




6 thoughts on “A Picture Tells A Thousand Words – Our Homeschool Week

  1. Awesome post! Homeschooling sounds daunting, but it seems you’re figuring it out. I love the part about trusting and trying not to micromanage. I have a hard time being hands off but its something we all must work at. Looking forward to more homeschooling posts!

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  2. Interesting how a child can develop such organizational skills at such an early age. That is a good quality I think it will serve him well through life.


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