‘Happiness Is…’: An Open Writing Invitation – 25 Days of Happiness

I have decided to start a new writing assignment entitled ‘Happiness is…’ For the 25 days leading up to Christmas, I have decided to write a daily post on something that has brought me happiness that day. Be it something big or small, bought, made or witnessed, whatever has brought me a moment of happiness.

I invite anyone and everyone to join in. The writing need not be time consuming or detract from your regular blog posting. It can be in what ever form you desire. A simple photograph may capture exactly what you want, or a full length blog post. There are no word counts or layouts, it is simply an exercise in recognizing the happiness in our lives and possibly what that means to you.

Starting on November 30th – I endeavour to write daily, for 25 days, with a final ‘Happiness is…’ post on Christmas Eve, December 24th. Please feel free to join in. I will be tagging all posts with ‘Happiness Is…’ and also using the #Happinessis on Twitter.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone… Let’s Bring a Little Peace and Happiness into our lives.


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