Happiness Is…. Day 1

Happiness is… a new vacuum.


This isn’t the most profound beginning to my ‘Happiness Is…’ series, but today this early Christmas gift to myself brings me profound joy.

We currently live in Spain, on the edge of farm land, in an older apartment building, which means dust. A lot of dust. Initially, because we have tile floors, I didn’t appreciate the necessity of a vacuum. I mean, really, aren’t you supposed to just sweep tile?

Only if you don’t live here. After sweeping the entire apartment approximately 5 dozen times per day (no, REALLY!) I decided to go online and order a vacuum.

Words cannot accurately describe how excited, ecstatic, overjoyed I was when the box arrived! Within 2 minutes I had it out of the box, petting it like it was a new puppy. It was shiny, sleek and so user friendly that I had it assembled and running in minutes. So, of course, I proceeded to vacuum the entire apartment, even those annoying nooks and crannies, straight away.

And I haven’t even mentioned the most exciting part – it is BAGLESS! Yes, my first actual bagless vacuum. No more searching every hardware store and supermarket for the correct bags. No more making do with the closest model, all the while knowing it will come loose and clog up your filters, or worse cause a fire! With the simple push of a button, the contents are deposited right into the bin. Simple bliss.

As an added bonus, I thoroughly enjoy seeing how much dirt and hair it has managed to suck up. Far more than even the best broom, and no more annoying dirt line that refuses to be swept into the dust pan. I might be in love!

Yes, today my happiness truly is my new vacuum.


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