Happiness Is…Day 2

Happiness Is… Christmas decorating with a 4 year old.


I love Christmas. Seriously love Christmas. Everything about Christmas is pure magic to me. In the past, I have been a bit precise about how to decorate. Every item had its particular place. Decorating the tree demanded extreme organization of the lights and placement of ornaments. Thankfully, this year, I sat back and let Goose dictate the majority of the decorating.


What an amazing experience this year as just Goose and I spent the day decoration the living room together. The excitement and joy on his face- combined with the look of intense concentration while placing items on the tree – just melted my heart. He is such a sensitive, expressive boy and he had the most wonderful time.

Even when Pickle started crying (she was running a slight temperature), Goose was patient and understanding when I had to sit with her for a while. I am so proud of him and the little man he is becoming… even if, in the next instance, he is stomping his feet or saying his current catch phrase, “I’m not doing it!”


The end result is, I think, a beautiful and understated Christmas room. It evokes a feeling of traditional Christmas memories in simple red and gold, simply perfect for our little family Christmas in Spain this year.


Now officially in the festive spirit, bring on the Christmas movies!


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