Happiness Is… Day 3

Happiness Is…collecting ‘treasures’ with my son.


Today was very special. Goose wanted to go on a treasure collection walk today with me. I felt very honoured to go with him and witness him finding his treasures. He is quite particular about the things he chooses, though it doesn’t always seem that way to an outsider. Perhaps even more important than the treasures is the adventure to find them.


Goose is quite the story teller and is especially imaginative while doing anything active. Our entire treasure walk was accompanied by the most amazing storytelling, I only wish I’d had a tape recorder. Pirates, rockets, aliens and of course vampires and blood were the stars of the story.

Goose has been obsessed with Vampires since Halloween, 2014! ( as a side note, he wore a monkey costume that year) Naturally, along with the vampire obsession came the blood obsession. Though it has now lead into an interest in why we have blood, nutrition and how organs work. (I just love interest lead learning) But I digress…


After collecting his treasures – “Daddy’s going to be impressed.” – Goose then had very specific requirements for their storage and display. He requested a “container or bowl with a small amount of water, please” to put on the balcony, where he proceeded to place his objects for display.


It was a wonderful time with my son. Allowing him to take the lead in our activity and collection really let me see what was important to him. But, perhaps even more important, he enjoyed having my attention and trust. Happy mamma and son, what more do you need?



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