Happiness Is… Day 5

Happiness is…the kindness of others while dealing with paperwork in Spain.

Much better than a picture of paperwork, here is our view.

Living in Spain comes with an abundance of sunshine, good food and wine, a relaxed lifestyle and the added bonus of paperwork, A LOT of paperwork. Wading through the necessary documents is exhaustive and time consuming. It is made all the more difficult due to the ever changing requirements here. Given that myself, Goose and Pickle are technically Canadian (even though Goose was born in Spain) and Hubby is Scottish, our paperwork is even more confusing. Not just for us, but for the various authorities as well.
Having just moved to Spain with two young children, finding good medical care was a large concern. Also, it is not as easy here to just walk into a medical center and book an appointment. Hubby, being a Spanish resident, luckily already had a medical card. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get Goose his medical card before we left Spain 3 years ago. As for Pickle, being born in Canada, we had no idea where she stood in regards to medical coverage.
Today, at the Medical Center, a wonderful doctor took charge of our situation. She was like an angle in a lab coat, translating our needs to the office staff. She took time out of her day, even though we were not her clients, to ensure our children received appropriate medical care. We left the center with a full medical card for Goose and coverage and an appointment for Pickle.

This experience made our day and renewed my faith in people. I think she deserves a box of homemade Christmas goodies.


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