Happiness is… Day 6

Happiness is…online shopping for Christmas.


Yes, it’s actually taken me this long to partake in the joy of online shopping. Though I usually enjoy going from shop to shop searching for the perfect gift, this year I decided to try out sites like Amazon for my Christmas finds. What a joy it was! I can honestly say I wish I had tried it out much sooner, especially while living overseas as it can make mailing/shipping items to loved ones an absolute breeze.

Cost has been a major factor in deciding to go online as well. Livings in Ibiza, Spain – things do not come cheaply and even though we subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle, we still get some things for Christmas, especially for the kids. There really is no cost comparison when buying on line instead of the stores on this island.
As an added bonus most online stores have shopping sites based in different countries. This was wonderful for me as having family in Canada; I really didn’t want to have the added cost of sending gifts overseas. I simply went on to their Canadian site, shopped and shipped directly to the addresses there, without the hassle or lineups at the post office. It also removed the worry of my friends or family having to pay extra in customs charges that inevitably come when sending gifts overseas.

It can be easy to go overboard when shopping on line so I do think it is important to have a list and a basic dollar amount in mind. Remember to add in shipping costs and gift wrapping if available. Amazon is of course the best known online shipper and they offer gift wrapping and personalized notes for most products. They also have many different shipping options available for most any budgets. My only complaint is when shopping on their Spanish website (Amazon.es) it does not have the option of changing the language to English. This can be tricky, but not impossible to work out.

Another great site I used this year was Not on the high street – what a great website for use in Europe especially. Though I can’t divulge what I bought (anniversary gift for hubby), I did find their offerings exceptional, especially if you are looking for something personalized or unique. Their website has a great layout and I found it even easier to navigate than Amazon.

I have, so far, only had one issue with not receiving an item from Amazon. BUT I have to say their customer service has been exceptional and they are sending out a replacement to me, at no extra cost, with a guarantee to be here by December 9th, though December 7th and 8th is a holiday in Spain so I will give them a few extra days just in case.

Most things I have ordered have arrived, or look to be on their way. Fingers crossed everything arrives in time for Christmas to Spain. As for the items I sent in Canada – they all look to have arrived already – though I don’t know if I remembered to choose the gift wrap option for all of them (opps!). Either way, I have not found online shopping strenuous or tedious. In fact, I have actually enjoyed the experience. And I have the added bonus of picking up lovely parcels almost daily… to the annoyance of my family who cannot open them until Christmas day.

Yet, the very best part of online shopping for Christmas is that I can do it in my pajamas with a glass of wine while watching yet another version of A Christmas Carol… bliss.


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