Happiness is… Day 7

Happiness is…watching how much my child is learning all on his own.

Goose ‘playing’ the Weather App by MarcoPolo, Christmas Edition

Yesterday I downloaded three more learning apps to our tablet (android). I was sure they were probably too advanced for Goose, but I wanted to give him the opportunity to explore some subjects in a different way. Mainly Maths and reading through sight words. The three apps I downloaded were: Kindergarten Math Lite by Infinut, Kindergarten Word Play by Infinut and Kids Sight Words Lite by IntelliJoy, all for Android.

My personal favorite is Kids Sight Words by IntelliJoy and I am sure I will be purchasing the full version soon BUT, Goose prefers the two apps by Infinut. They have a very simple user friendly interface and are great apps, I think I just prefer the style of the IntelliJoy App. Goose seems to love the Infinut apps because he gets a real sense of accomplishment. Plus he really likes the child voice that offers encouragement if he gets something wrong.

Aside from the quality of the apps though, I was blown away by how much Goose actually knew, both with Maths and reading. I was amazed at how many words he seems to know and even more so, what letters were missing in words for the spelling sections. It was just wonderful to see him take pride in his own knowledge and see how fast he progressed.

Goose has also recently taken quite an interest in the human body, specifically the names of bones in the human skeleton. So I actually paid for another app by isy games called D. Bones. At first I thought it was far too advanced for a 4 year old, but once again I have been proved wrong. Goose is fascinated with the human skeleton and has already memorized most of the major bones. He is now asking for something that goes into more specifics, such as all the names of the bones in the hands and feet.

Interest based learning is fascinating to watch, especially in a 4 year old. All I need to do is be aware of his interests and then provide the items he needs to learn, where ever those interests lead him. It is a wonderful thing to watch and the more learning I witness, the more I trust in the process.

We don’t do any forced learning. I have even stopped putting time limits on the tablet because he seems to be limiting his own time on it quite naturally. There are days when he will want to spend quite a lot of time using it, but then we have other days or weeks when he doesn’t even look at it. If it becomes a problem, we may start with a time limit, but for now I think Goose is more than capable of choosing for himself.

Today my happiness is in the natural process of learning itself… and especially in my son, Goose.


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