Happiness is… Days 11 & 12

Happiness is… skipping a writing day, enjoying the Christmas market in Spain and listening to Pickle laughing at her big brother, Goose.

Yes, that is a lot to put into today’s post, but those things have really brightened yesterday and today. Though I did feel bad for missing a writing day in my 25 Days of ‘Happiness is…’ posts, I was actually dreading the whole process of writing yesterday. Thankfully, I quickly realized that if writing a post about happiness was causing me to feel anxious and upset, then I was ruining the whole point of my assignment. So, for yesterday, my happiness was giving myself a break from everything… for one night.


Yesterday, we also decided to break out of our self-imposed Canadian winter mode, and left the apartment after dark! In a country where locals don’t even think about dinner until after 8:30pm, we were the pathetic ones contemplating bedtime by 9pm. So, off we headed to view the lights in Ibiza Town last night, still woefully early, but rather late for us at least.


For anyone that has enjoyed the Christmas markets in Germany or Austria, I would advise against visiting Ibiza at this time of year, at least not if you are hoping to re-create those experiences. But, for a young child, it was a wonderful display of lights, games, food and rides ( or should I say, ride, singular) Hubby and I enjoyed the ridiculousness of the whole experience, though we could have spent longer at the wine, meat and cheese stall, if we had been child free.


We ended the night in a wonderful Spanish establishment known as The Hard Rock Cafe, where we enjoyed drinks and the child play area. We also reserved our table for the, sure to be fantastic, Breakfast with Santa next Saturday, complete with ‘American style’ buffet. Pictures will be of the upmost importance on that occasion, with blog post sure to follow.


And finally that brings me to today’s happiness moment, listening to Pickle laugh uncontrollably while watching her big brother goofing around. It is a moment etched in my brain, as trying to capture it on film would have only succeeded in ruining the moment. There is something beautiful in listening to a baby laugh with pure delight and abandon, especially when it involves siblings. Pure magic at the end of my day, who can ask for more?



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