Happiness is… Day 13

Happiness is… celebrating our third anniversary meal, kids included.

Today we celebrated our third anniversary in a beautiful restaurant by the Mediterranean Sea. It was a wonderful, though slightly more rushed, experience with the whole family. The food was spectacular, the scenery fantastic and the company wonderful, I really couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Perhaps the next anniversary, we will choose to have a baby-sitter for the meal part, as I would have enjoyed sitting for another drink, but as any parent knows, once the kids are finished it’s time to leave. Goose was very well behaved overall, but he is 4 years old and really can’t be expected to sit for a long time once the meal is finished. Unfortunately, Pickle was a bit fussier than usual; though this has started to become a trend whenever we sit down to eat. Personally I think she is ready for food, but being 4.5 months old she is not allowed to have it yet, so she is frustrated at not being able to join in.

We had paella – which Goose LOVED, especially the muscles and prawns – a bottle of wine – Cuna (red) – and my absolute favorite dessert, Crème Carmel – though Hubby had the Crème Catalana. Goose choose the Smarties ice cream in plastic monster cup, that had the added bonus of turning into a bank when finished. He did decide my desert was much better though and said he wanted it next time. It really was a wonderful meal and one I do hope to repeat again in the near future (hint to Hubby).


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