Happiness is… Days 16 & 17

Happiness is… creating family meals together.

-Yesterday we had a Christmas cocktail party at our house, and due to the very late night I didn’t get around to posting on the blog. My apologies to you, my dear readers.-

Quite a while ago I posted a blog about being a foodie family. Though it was highlighting how much we enjoy finding new food experiences, I also realize how much we also enjoy cooking together. While looking through our family pictures, I was amazed at how many wonderful meals we have made together. Goose thoroughly enjoys watching, eating and playing sous chef while hubby cooks.

During our time in Canada, while I was working and Hubby took care of the household, he really started perfecting his recipes while experimenting with new flavors and techniques. I probably had the best left-over lunches in the office! Goose was a huge part of the process, from shopping for ingredients, smelling and tasting the various spices and mixtures, to watching and participating in the eventual creation of a meal. He even grew his own mini herb garden and would happily request their uses in whatever Daddy was cooking that day.

All of these early introductions to flavors has created a child that requests Thai curry, lobster, sushi or calamari for his supper and isn’t afraid to try new things. It really makes eating out a fun experience for the whole family and has encouraged us to continue in the same way with Pickle as she grows up.

Though it can create some interesting conversations with a 4 year old, as we recently discovered while having a wonderful pork dinner, when he blissfully piped up, “Oh, I just love dead pig!” Perhaps teaching children where their food comes from doesn’t create the most P.C. conversations, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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