Happiness is… Days 18 & 19

Happiness is… a dodgy internet connection, at best.

Usually I would be livid over the poor internet connection we currently have in our apartment in Spain, but after giving it a lot of thought, I have decided it is somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Though of course it is rather vital when it comes to blogging and attempting to earn a living writing online, but it can also bring some advantages on the home front when it isn’t working.

Today and yesterday, I decided to embrace our loss of internet and stop stressing over my lack of posting abilities. Instead, I focused more on the kids, home, outings and the upcoming Christmas festivities. I made the time to sit with Goose while he did another of his cutting and gluing projects, lay on the floor with Pickle while she giggled and happily chewed her toes, did laundry and chatted with Hubby about nothing of much importance.

As another bonus, due to the importance of online banking whilst travelling, we decided to head to our local pub – Stevie D’s Sports Bar and Restaurant – where we had free WiFi access, good grub, cheap drinks and great company. It really highlighted how little adult social time we usually have and Goose thoroughly enjoys the attention and playing pool with Daddy. Pickle, the happiest baby in the world, just likes drooling and cooing at everyone, and seems to especially enjoy watching horse racing on the t.v. (who knew?).

So, though I would honestly choose to have a much better connection speed at home – when I look at the bright side – it is a lot of fun NOT being on the internet much anyways.


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