Happiness is… Day 20

Happiness is… breakfast with Papa Noel (Santa Clause) and a nap.

Today we ventured into Ibiza Town in extremely heavy fog for Christmas with Santa at the Hard Rock Hotel, complete with American style buffet breakfast. While I had serious doubts as to the quality of the whole affair, I was more than pleasantly surprised when we arrived.

The buffet was wonderful. They put on a great spread with pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, cheese, cold meats, small sandwiches, frittata, pigs in blankets, yogurt and fruit, coffee, teas and various juices and, not to forget, the dessert table with a huge assortment of traditional Spanish pastries and gingerbread cookies. Everything was constantly replenished, fresh, hot and very tasty.

The best part of the whole day were Santa’s Elves, dressed in a wonderful costume, who took all the kids around the restaurant, sang songs, told stories and played games until Papa Noel arrived. I was a bit worried for Goose at first, as he doesn’t speak or understand Spanish, but the Elves were wonderful with him. They included him in everything and attempted to explain things to him in English as much as possible.

Though Goose played shy a bit, he made sure he wasn’t forgotten in the activities – shouting “I’m here now!” whenever they started a new game. He especially enjoyed the kids play area with ball pit. It was wonderful to see him jump right in and play with the other kids even though they don’t speak the same language. Somehow kids always figure out how to communicate in order to play together.

Pickle had a fantastic time watching the other kids and attempting to steal food from my plate. She was very well behaved and even sat wonderfully on Papa Noel’s knee for a photo. Goose was happy to sit on his knee but wouldn’t ask for anything. We had to reassure him afterwards that he had already mailed his letter to Santa and received a reply – so not to worry.

This brings me to the second part of my day, the part that I was just so thankful to have received (perhaps an early Christmas gift?) – nap time! Usually when I try to nap during the day one or both children just won’t let me sleep. Perhaps it was because Goose had such a full morning, or because Pickle didn’t get much of a nap earlier, but whatever the reason I managed to get a great nap in this afternoon. It was something I desperately needed as I woke up not feeling great after tossing and turning since 3:30am this morning. A nap can be a truly wonderful gift when you have young children.

Add Christmas telly and sneaky chocolates to the end of my day and I can pretty much call it perfect.


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