Happiness is… Days 21 & 22

Happiness is … family Christmas movie nostalgia.


Starting December 1st we start watching our Christmas movies. We always begin with a Christmas Carol – usually the 1951 Alastair Sims version is the first required watching, but it is now closely followed by Jim Carry’s 2009 version, which is superb!
Of course, we have to pull out all our nostalgic favorites – The Grinch (cartoon only), Rudolph, Garfield and Charlie Brown, not to mention Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. It’s like visiting with old friends, the ones that only know the good stories. As a parent I now have the wonderful task of introducing these ‘friends ‘to my children.
This year Mickey has become a firm favorite in all his various rolls – Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Once (and Twice) Upon a Christmas, Disney Christmas Favorites and Snowed in at House of Mouse. Though I have to admit that we may have watched them one too many times, it is nice to see him enjoying them so much. Poohs Seasons of Giving and A Very Merry Pooh Year have also been popular – though they are a rather new addition for me.
One movie that is not in my collection, Home Alone, recently created the most wonderful Christmas family night. Goose enjoyed the whole movie and laughed hysterically during most of it. Hubby and I found ourselves laughing and enjoying his happiness in the whole evening. I think this is one I will be adding to our collection for next year.
There really is something magical about the old family Christmas classics. It brings a sense of Christmas Pasts into the present. Bliss.


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