Happiness is… Day 23

Happiness is … the sheer abandon of childhood laughter.

There are some moments in life that are so perfect, so magical; you just want to freeze time. This evening, while watching Christmas telly with the lights twinkling, Goose had Pickle laughing hysterically as only babies can really do. It was so beautiful to hear that full belly baby laugh and especially as her big brother was having so much fun making it happen.


With all four of us snuggled up on the sofa, under our huge fluffy blanket, laughing at Pickle laughing at Goose, it was a perfect moment. I know that life can sometimes become too full, too hectic to really enjoy these precious moments together, but these are the moments that mean the most. These are the moments to hold close to our hearts as our children grow up.

For a brief second I thought about trying to capture it through video or picture, but it would have only succeeded in distancing and disturbing the moment. So, even though the moment now lives only in our memories, it is somehow even more precious because we four are the only ones that experienced it. Our magical Christmas family moment, what a treasure indeed.



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