Our Foodie Family – Part 2

I have written before about our love of food – Foodie Family: Part One. It is a HUGE part of our travel adventures to experience the flavor culture of the places we visit. Hubby is also very creative in the kitchen, never shying from bold spice mixtures and interesting ingredients. It is so wonderful that Goose, our 4 year old, is also open to trying almost anything we put in front of him. Though it has created a rather expensive palate at times, currently he has listed calamari, lobster and black truffles as his favourite foods. Now, please don’t misunderstand, we do not eat like this on a daily or even monthly basis – and I don’t think he has ever actually tried lobster.

Perhaps it is because he has grown up watching Daddy cooking meals at home, being involved in the cooking process himself or due to baby-led weaning – but whatever the reason it is so much more enjoyable to eat out with a non-picky eater. Goose requests the most interesting items on the menu and usually proceeds to dig in with relish. Restaurant staff and even other patrons have expressed how amazing it is to watch him eat foods most 4 year olds would turn their noses up in disgust. He absolutely LOVES vegetables and fruit – usually choosing them over sweets, though he has developed quite a taste for dark chocolate.

We are keen to continue our love of new foods with Pickle, who is just starting on the baby-led weaning road. She has been grabbing food off our plates since 4 and a half months, usually getting a sneaky suck out of it before we have managed to get whatever it is out of her grasp. When she reached 5 months, I decided she was more than ready to start having a bit of veggies and fruit. So far, Pickle has enjoyed gumming red pepper sticks, cucumber, tomato, banana, apple and a bit of toast in the past 2 weeks. Well on her way to enjoying a varied nutritious diet.

Recently I have been enjoying two wonderful food blogs – Cooking without limits and Cooking with a wallflower. The pictures alone on these blogs make you drool! There are some seriously yummy recipes on them, as well as inspiring taste combinations. They are well worth viewing, though I strongly suggest having a pen and paper handy as you will want to write thing down to try later.

As for our little family, we are looking forward to our continued cooking and eating adventures with our newest member, Pickle. It is great fun watching her excitement at feeding herself and tasting new things. 2016 is sure to be a yummy one at least.



4 thoughts on “Our Foodie Family – Part 2

  1. So lucky! I have two fussy eaters that are a struggle to feed sometimes. I cook a lot too but they went from one year olds who ate lots to 4 and 2.5 who are reluctant to try anything new and won’t eat many foods. I know the phase will pass, I can’t wait to be able to go to my restaurant and know there’s something they will eat! My aim this year in fact is to cook more with them and hope they open up to new foods.

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    1. I feel your pain, but I think it will help when they are involved in the process as well. We haven’t experienced much of this, besides Goose requesting plain jam sandwiches for lunch EVERY DAY when he was 3. I think due to doing baby-led weaning as opposed to traditional weaning, it really has helped them to feel in control of what they eat.. which has lead to Goose being more adventurous with trying things. Hopefully it continues with wee Pickle. Best of luck though. Cheers

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