Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

“Time may change me
But I can’t trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can’t trace time”
-David Bowie, Changes

Updating the blog.

We are now 11 days into 2016 and the time has come to update this blog. I will be introducing new menu headers, with drop down menus in an attempt to make navigating the blog much more user friendly.
I have a lot of ideas for this year and a lot of half written, and half thought out, post ideas. Currently I am having difficulty sticking with a travelling theme, and have decided not to worry much about it. This blog has taken on a life of its own in terms of content and I am starting to really appreciate the direction it is heading.

My intent this year is to write more about our homeschooling adventures, including posts on unschooling, creating learning spaces and the challenges of providing an environment conducive to self-learning. I also intend to write more about my personal challenges as a parent intent on homeschooling two children whilst travelling.

Another direction I have decided to follow(and hopefully another avenue to generate income) is my desire to write product reviews. Though I do not have any financial backing/endorsements from any companies, I do hope that reviews of various homeschool/travel/kid related products will increase traffic to this blog and thus my possible earning potential through ad placement etc. This is a new direction for me and one I am very interested in pursuing further.

As a large part of our travelling plans involves our earning potential, I will most likely be going through the WordPress posts about how to generate more traffic and how to use advertisements. Under the menu Blogging, I intend to include drop down menus of my experiences using various tutorials, websites and ideas to help generate income. Though this is a topic that has already been written about extensively on other blogs, I do hope to add my personal experience to the mix.

We have a lot of plans and ideas for 2017, and therefore a lot of preparation in 2016 that I am quite keen to share with my readers. My intent is to write detailed posts regarding the decisions and planning needed for our Grand Adventure of 2017. Under the heading, Travel, I intend to have a few drop down menus to make it easier to find topics of interest for other would-be travelling families.

For all of these changes to take place, I may be off line for a time being and there may be some changes in the look and navigation of the blog, but I do hope my readers will stick with me and continue to check for updates. Also, if there is anything you would like me to write more about please do not hesitate to comment on here or even send me a message. I am very open to hearing what readers are interested in and what direction you hope this blog takes in the future.

Let the great YEAR OF PREPARATION – 2016 begin!

*As a side note, the quote and title of this posts is in regards to the passing of a great artist – David Bowie – R.I.P*


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