Am I an ‘Old’ Lady?

Am I an ‘Old’ Lady?

After a careful perusal of my own interests, I have to question whether I am actually an ‘old’ lady living in an almost 40 year old woman’s mind and body. (Please note this is a broad generalization and no slur on the interests of an ‘older’ generation)

Take, for instance, my love of Classic FM and BBC Radio 2 broadcasting. Where most people of my age group are enjoying a younger sound with a somewhat heavier beat, I find myself enthralled with the classical music of Mozart and Bach or the musical stylings of Dire Straits, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and others formed a generation or two before me, never mind the wit, humor and commentary from the radio personalities themselves. Perhaps these musical tastes were ingrained in my childhood delight at attending the symphony with my Grandparents, listening to my mother sing opera and raiding my father’s record collection.

My television tastes are another example of my ‘older’ interests. Programs such as Antiques Roadshow, Midsomer Murders, Heartbeat and Doc Martin are a must! Including Coronation Street and Emmerdale in this category may get me into trouble, as I understand they command a wide age range of viewers in the UK, but in Canada I would assume they are mostly watched by an ‘older’ generation. Recently I have also become a huge fan of television adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels involving her much loved characters of Herqule Poirot and Mrs. Marple. Though, of course I have my firm favorites in regards to the actors – David Suchet and Margarete Rutherford being the best, in my humble opinion.


Another indicator that I may, in fact, be an ‘old’ lady is my love for tea. Now, not just your run-of-the-mill orange pekoe blend, I am talking about a particular brand and blend of teas. The brand – Twinings, The blend – Earl Grey (or Blackcurrant & Vanilla when fancying something without caffeine), preferably brewed in a pot then poured into a fancy mug (can’t stand using tea cups with their too tiny handles) with a splash of milk and a blob of honey – BLISS. Add a biscuit or fresh baked scone smothered in butter, or cream and jam and I think it could almost signal heaven on earth.


My hobbies, when I can find the time, are yet another sign I may have been born a generation or two late. When I have the time, I enjoy activities such as knitting and baking. Though the fruits of these activities may not turn out exactly as anticipated, it is in the act itself where I find enjoyment. I even have a list of activities I hope to pursue in the future, such as canning, cultivating herbs and felt creations. Not to mention my taste for classic literature and biographical stories, a love instilled in me while my Grandmother read out loud to me from Jane Eyre and stories by Emily Carr as a child.

This brings me, rather embarrassingly to the final indicator that I am, in fact an ‘old’ lady, my regular bedtime of 10:00 to 10:30pm. Yes, that is correct; I am not a late night person. I enjoy some evening television and the occasional late night movie with Hubby, but am much happier heading to bed at an earlier time than most people I know. In Spain, this can be particularly embarrassing as most people don’t even have dinner time until after 8pm and bedtime, in the summer especially, is usually well after midnight. Though I do enjoy a somewhat earlier morning (I can hear hubby snorting, as I am usually not out of bed until almost 8am), it can make for difficulties when arranging time with friends. Though I usually get first dibs for beach spots, sun beds and pool areas in the summer, so not always a bad thing getting up before the crowd.


So, as a final tally – after –re-reading everything – I have decided to embrace the ‘old’ lady in me. My family seems to love it, though who knows as the kids get older – I’ll probably embarrass them no matter what my interests. Now, bring on the tea!


6 thoughts on “Am I an ‘Old’ Lady?

    1. Exactly! Only making a generalization, as noted in the post.. mostly as a sorry attempt at humour. (as an aside, I love metal music and dark roast coffee.. though can’t stay up past Thanks for reading!

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