What do you do ‘all’ day?

It has been quite some time since I’ve written about our homeschool journey. With the holidays and some pretty intense shift in our goals and plans as a family, homeschool has taken a bit of a back seat. At least, that’s what I thought. I have been making an effort to keep my camera at the ready whenever Goose is at play. Thankfully, once I finally manged to download all the pictures, it gave me a wonderful insight into how much learning was taking place.

We have taken more of a loose Montessori approach these past two months, as Goose has been so keen to take part in our daily chores. He sweeps and mops the balcony every day, without ever being told to or shown how. He also enjoys dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the windows and washing his plastic fruit. Though I haven’t always managed to get the camera out, Goose has also been helping out a lot more with cooking and preparing meals.

Goose has also been very keen to learn how to read, but he does not want my input AT ALL. He wants to do it on his own. My only input has been to provide magnet letters and a magnet book, first reader books and a few apps on the tablet (mostly from Intellijoy) including site words and phonics. Though he has access to quite a few early reader books, he is determined that his first book to be Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Not one to undermine or belittle his choices, I have just let him get on with the process of learning. Always there to answer questions if needed, but mostly just to provide quiet encouragement.

Building forts and music appreciation are two other interests Goose has been actively pursuing for a while now. He has a great app by Intellijoy that features different musical styles and instruments. Goose also enjoys singing and even partakes of karaoke at the local pub once in a while (before 8pm anyways). He is a natural performer and shows no sign of shyness when ‘on stage’. Fort building is relatively new in our house. I think Goose is looking to create a little place just for himself. So we have helped when asked to create a makeshift fort using blankets and chairs, usually. Goose enjoys putting all his most treasured items inside and laying around reading or taking pictures. It’s his little place to chill out on his own.

I am very excited and relieved to see, first hand, how much learning is actually taking place in and outside of our home. Goose also received a Vtech Kidizoom Duo Digital Camera for Christmas and has been actively taking pictures of pretty much everything! It is so much fun downloading his pictures and seeing the world through his eyes. I am currently working on creating a photo gallery of his pictures.


2 thoughts on “What do you do ‘all’ day?

  1. Loved reading this, and I have read over and over again that many homeschool families go through different stages of homeschooling. It’s the same for us, we change, life changes and we always need to adapt 🙂

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