What really matters to a 4 year old – 2016 Goals.

Taking some wonderful inspiration from my (still) current favorite blog – Happiness is here – I decided to ask Goose (Mr. 4 year old) what he would like to do this year. The only questions I asked him were: “What would you like to do this year?”and “Is there anything you would like to learn this year?” The following is his list, in his words – without editing or embellishment, as he told me after every item, “Write that down.”

My 2016 List (Goose, 4 year old)

Go to fun fairs

Learn about Ninja Turtles

Spend the money I’ve saved

Spend time drawing

Send postcards to family and friends

Write a letter to Grandma that died and put it in the sea

Get a new kitchen plug from Ikea

Drive a car

Do more fishing with Daddy

Go to the castle/fort again

Learn how to be a real ninja

I love Scotland

It is amazing to take the time to ask and really listen to what is important to children. I love that we have the freedom and time to pursue his dreams, goals and interests. 2016 looks to be a fun, interesting journey and I’m proud to be a part of it.Christmas 2015 218


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