Confessions of a chronic procrastinator…

I have a confession… I am a procrastinator. A chronic procrastinator in need of a swift – metaphorical – kick up the back side.


My biggest trigger, the thing that really charges up the procrastinator inside, is when I have something big that I am mulling over in my life. Usually it isn’t even something bad or unhappy, but just a major change of direction that I am trying to wrap my brain around. Instead of discussing this change with friends and family, I tend to clam up and keep it to myself. Almost as if I have to reach a threshold of planning/ideas/thoughts before it spills over into the ‘real’ world and I am ready to speak about it.

Unfortunately, this can become increasingly difficult as time goes forward. I seem to get caught in a cycle of over analysing every minuscule aspect internally and then push back the need to voice things. Of course, the procrastinator inside me feeds on this inability to put ideas into actions and it slowly becomes harder and harder to break out of the cycle. Even to the detriment of my writing….this crazy procrastinator finds excuse after excuse not to do exactly what I need and LOVE to do.

So, this post is me kicking my own backside into motion, into action. The time has come for me to put voice to our plans for our near future, and thereby making our dreams into a reality.


While 2016 has been dubbed our Year of Preparation, we are well into our plans to make 2017 our Grand Adventure. We will remain in Spain for the summer and early Autumn of 2016, working and saving towards our ultimate goal of returning to Canada in early 2017 to purchase a travel trailer and truck for our cross Canada adventure! We are planning to take the majority of a year to travel across the Canadian wilderness. Some stops in Scotland, USA and Mexico may also be involved in 2017.

My plan is to document the planning, gear, finances and the adventure itself. There is a lot to write about, a lot more to explain and explore, but I needed to start the process in an attempt to suppress my internal procrastinator for a while, at least.

Time to move forward with our dreams together…it will be an adventure no matter how or where we end up.



2 thoughts on “Confessions of a chronic procrastinator…

  1. I also fall prey to procrastination and it can be debilitating. However, just lately I have discovered a little trick:
    Reverse psychology: I tell myself I am not going to write anything today, nothing, not a thing and what’s more I tell myself this is because I don’t have too. And then suddenly throughout the day I will have this overwhelming impulse to write…snippets of prose, a voice or a line will pop into my head and I will have to write it down.
    Good luck with your adventure!

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    1. What a great idea! I think I will try that out.. I have so many ideas/bits and pieces running around in my head, but then I turn on the T.V. or get distracted with cleaning, laundry or just plain old making excuses.. darn that procrastinator! Thanks for the tip!

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