2016 – The Year of Preparations – UPDATES AND ALTERATIONS

We have never been the kind of people to sit back and just let life happen to us… and, for better or worse, we tend to crave change to the point of creating it – spur of the moment if necessary. Since my mother passed away mid May 2015, we’ve been spending a year (mainly my maternity leave) figuring out what we want out of life, our goals, dreams and our general plan for the future. Though it has taken us half way around the world – somewhat going back to something familiar in order to move forward – we have come to the major understanding that we crave adventure.

Now, for us adventure does not necessarily entail things like nude sky-diving or swimming with sharks – but it does mean we crave the ability to experience new things, travel to different places, see new sights and try new foods together as a family. The journey is as much a part of the adventure as the actual destination.

This year has really solidified the importance of spending as much time as possible together, living our daily life together, talking, cooking, exploring and planning as a family. We have really taken the time to understand our priorities as a family and have found it much easier to embrace our minimalist values – as they work for us.

Therefore, with our goals and values in mind – we have made some changes to our original plan for 2017 – as well as changed some of our current plans for the remainder of 2016. Originally we were planning on staying in Spain until October 2016, before heading to Scotland for a few weeks then returning to Canada for the winter – purchasing a truck and trailer and preparing for our long-term journey across Canada.

WELL… adventure came a calling and we have booked flights to Thailand from December 2016 to the end of March 2017! We are now heading from Spain to Scotland mid-summer, where we will stay for 3-4 weeks before heading to Canada for 3 months – camping/’glamping’ in a motor home, visiting family and friends – before heading off to Thailand for 4 months. Given that British Columbia, Canada has a wonderful amount of summer seasonal work – our goal after March 2017 is to work, save money and travel throughout for the summer of 2017. Though, of course, anything could happen and we may have yet more updates and adjustments to our plans as we go along… yet again, more parenting adventures on the road!


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