Play/Interest Based Learing in Pictures…

We have been rather busy now that the warm weather is upon is here in Spain. Plans have been made for the future, flights booked etc.. but for the moment we are enjoying the weather and family time we have here. I’ve decided to do a quick post – in pictures – of some of the learning going on in and around our home, especially since I have adopted much more of a Montessori approach in our home. It helps with such an age difference to have items on display that both children can use, either together or individually. Then Goose can use the scissors, glue, smaller objects, computer etc.. at the table, when he chooses. I haven’t been  very quick to grab the camera, so this is a very small sample of the learning that happens in and around our home on a daily basis. Goose has been very interested in jellyfish – the first picture shows the jellyfish he created himself – no prompting or input from parents – he just did it himself, very proudly I must add.

Pickle has been very active, doing what babies do – currently crawling as fast as possible, shouting as loud as possible and generally have a grand old time getting into everything. Her main interests at the moment are pounding on anything – especially her big brother – seeing how things fit together and hiding things inside bigger things – such fun when you are trying to locate your house keys, reading/tearing books and chewing on everything (kind of like a puppy).

The most enjoyable thing I find in not separating our children for a majority of their day – is the growing relationship between them. It has time to develop naturally and for them to really appreciate each other. I love watching how they interact and play together.. they are even learning to give each other space when needed. So wonderful to see and be a part of…


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