Where has the time gone?

You know what they say about good intentions?? Well, it seems they really have paved the road of my writing path…and I find myself, yet again, starting afresh. So very much has happened since my last foray into the written word and I have no idea where to even start filling in the blanks for my readers.

The last time I was on here saw us at the start of our adventures through Spain on our way towards Scotland. (Spain, France – which is closed, by the way – and England) Though I had told myself to keep daily logs on our adventures – unfortunately, like so many of my well laid plans – that was a rather grand expectation of myself. And like so many of my plans, I find myself in procrastination mode and then, after so much times goes by, not knowing where to begin..so I don’t do anything. It is a vicious cycle I get myself into..one I just have to break by diving back in, head first and attempt to start fresh from where I’ve landed.

So, now you find me..two feet planted firmly on Canadian soil once again.. yet with tickets bought and paid for our upcoming travels to Thailand. Yes, four months of casual backpacking our way around, mostly, northern Thailand with two kids in tow. Should make for an exciting journey, even though we plan to take our time and stay in a lot of places for extended periods.

On the other hand, our personal journey has lead us towards a minimalist lifestyle (still in progress) and tiny home living…the mobile kind. Yes, we have just purchased, what for us is our first home – a 1999 21 foot motor home! That’s correct – 21 feet of mobile home living for a family of 4! Though we do still have our 5x5x5x10 storage locker – we are actively selling, donating and throwing away more and more items that we just do not have a use for anymore.

We have also started our more formal approach into home/road/world schooling with, now 5 years old, Goose! After much thought and research, we’ve decided to enrol him with SelfDesign – a wonderful self-directed program that involves weekly reports to a BC certified teacher – called a Learning Consultant. The reports are basically letters detailing our weekly experiences and activities with Goose – which she then writes into teacher speak and submits to the school system for credits. We can choose to teach Goose by whatever means we determine – while she helps to guide us when needed and encourage his efforts. So far we are LOVING it and I am amazed by Goose’s learning abilities all the time!

So, now I feel that I’ve created more questions than answered and haven’t evened begin to delve into the actual points along our journeys! Suffice to say.. this jump into blogging hasn’t turned out as expected. I haven’t kept up to date on much of our lives… but it is my passion and fast becoming a priority in my life yet again. This time though, I make no promises to my readers in terms of my writing quantity. No promises to break.. to myself as well. Hopefully this is a new beginning into my parenting adventures on the road….I’ll keep in touch…




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