Day 1 A.B. (after biopsy)

Somewhat anticlimatically, my little friend has been removed and is off to be tested. So, now just the healing period – a bit ouch right now (darn tender inner thigh skin!) and the waiting game. 14 working days – AT LEAST – until we know anything. Just trying to stay positive and, as others have mentioned, STOP LOOKING AT DR. GOOGLE!

At the moment, I have about a 1 and 1/2 inch wound with some stitches and a nasty looking bruise on my inner thigh – near my groin. More annoying than anything. In 1o days I get the stitches removed…so just waiting, waiting, waiting ..but actually in a lot better spirits than before, now that the process has begun.

Was thinking of taking a picture to add to the blog.. but decided against it..a bit sore and don’t want to annoy it anymore than already have done so. (Darn kids! Those little feet hit just the right spot!) So, instead, here is a glass of wine..just like the one I am enjoying right now…yum


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