Day 2 A.B. (after biopsy)

So, today is a bit OUCH… obviously, being a mother to two young and EXTREAMLY energetic children,  I haven’t been off my feet much today. My doctor – by the way, can I just take a moment here to mention how AMAZING he is?!, seriously thee most fantastic doctor I’ve had – anyways, I am sure he would be giving me that look that says-‘Just make your husband do it!’ …and questions the laughter, seriously. I mean, I do love the man, but who do you think does the majority of the kids (he’s going to hate me for that).

Still haven’t managed to take and after biopsy picture..but the bruising is already starting to fade and the stitches look great. Perhaps I should just wait for pictures until it’s healed..unless of course you really want the full

Tomorrow,  time to lay back and relax. ..just a quick nip up the road to Costco…yah..I can already hear you laughing knowingly at the word ‘quick’ …har har…

 Here’s a lovely picture of the sunset..sort of mimics the colours of the bruise…just needs more dark blue.


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