A Peaceful Solitude

Today, my nerves have had enough. Enough of the screaming, whining, demanding, loudness  that is part of parental life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my children, and  I  have always been quietly confused when other parents moan about needing ‘me’ time or how they jump at ANY chance to rid themselves of their offspring for an entire weekend… I mean, I actually enjoy spending the majority of my time with my kids. BUT, this week has been  difficult  to say it mildly and the stress of waiting for medial  results has managed to get the best of me, SO this  morning I basically begged Hubby to take one, if not both, children away from me or I wouldn’t be fully responsible  for my actions (said actions being to scream, cry and then lock myself in the bathroom with a box of wine – yup, living it large in our household.)

While Hubby and Goose got  to go out for a nice daddy/son rain walk and wet picnic – little Monkey and I stayed in, ate scrambled eggs for lunch, had a little giggle and now  she has  drifted  off rather easily for a nap. Which finds myself sitting trying to decide whether I should find a show  on the telly or just enjoy this moment of peaceful solitude.

The peacful solitude has won out and I am now quietly looking out at the rain soaked neighborhood, tall trees against a grey sky, sipping a rather gigantic mug of coffee… and a true feeling of peace really does come  over me. This  is exactly what I needed today. Just a quiet moment to myself..not to do  anything particular – not  to distract myself with television  shows, house cleaning or even reading… a time to do nothing. 

In this  age of faster, more and ‘I want it done yesterday!’, I think doing nothing has become   synomymous with being lazy, BUT it  is probably even more important to find the  time to just sit quietly than every before. When we are constantly bombarded  with information from TV, the internet and most especially social media – our brains need  a  chance to  re-charge, to sit quietly and process..to just relax. And  I , for  one, am going  to do  just that…quietly watching the rain outside  my window, nothing pressing to do, no demands on myself…just a hot mug of coffee and a sleeping baby..pure bliss.


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