Our ongoing journey…

Since May, 2015 – just after my mother passed away, after helping to take care of her for almost 3 years – our little family has been  on a journey. In almost every sence of the word. Our journey has taken from Canada to Scotland to England to Spain (where  we stayed and reassessed things for a good 10 months) before heading back through mainland Spain to France to England to Scotland and back to Canada (for three months) and  then  onto Thailand (where we will currently remain until the end of March, 2017)

Beside the physical aspects of our  jouney, we have also been delving deeper  into our minimalistic lifestyle choices. We went from a 2 bedroom apartment, which we downsized through various means into a small 5x5x10 foot storage locker, our travel bags (1 large rucksack, baby carrier, backpack and small childs bag) and our newest purchase – a 21foot Class C Motorhome for us to live in upon our return to Canada. 

During our most resent stay in Canada (3 months from) we also managed to  go through our storage locker  again. Somehow we minimalized even more – getting rid of 21, yes 21 large rubbermaid containers, as well  as various other larger items, clothing and  photographs. It  is amazing how many things  you manage to do without when you haven’t seen your stuff for over a year! I wonder what more we will manage  to  do without  upon our return from Thailand?!

Our journey has  also helped us assess, and re-assess, what is important to us – individually and as a family. We have made a lot of important decisions  on where we want to  be 2-3 years from now. Our financial freedom is very important  to us. Therefore, we have made some decisions  on how to achieve our goals of being compleatly debt free (not that we owe much of  anything ) and   how to create an income that does not negativly impact our family life (still in the works for this, but working toward our goals).

Our basic wishes/dreams  remain the same – quality of family life being of the upmost importance to all of  us. Travel remains large on our list of priorities and therefore keeping our day to day costs down is a major priority. Having  bought our motorhome/house outright is a huge benefit  to us – as now, at least in the spring/summer/early fall  our housing costs will be minimal. It does leave us  with a bit of  a hard time seeing how things  will be in the winter months, but we will have to work that out depending on where we will be living/where the work is.

Which brings us to  another major journey in our future – possibly moving away from my comfort zone of Vancouver Island, Canada and up to northern British Columbia! (Hence, the hesitaion on where to reside for the winter  months as much to cold for winter motorhoming in our RV) It would be  a major overhaul of  what  we  are used to, but could be  very good for us as a family and for work. Only time will tell, but at the moment it looks  like a real possibilty upon our return  from  Thailand.

Minimalizm, and the  freedom it brings with it, is a major component of our  lives  right now. We are constanting re-assesing our belongings – removing items no longer useful or needed and questioning every item we do bring into our lives. Even while travelling we have managed to rid ourselves of unessessary clothing and belongings – making our travel much easier on everyone. 

Here’s to more  minimalization upon our  return to Canada – seriously hoping to no longer need our storage locker before moving up north (one can hope!)


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