The beat goes on…



And so we find ourselves at the tail end of an amazing journey that took us through 7 countries…actually looking forward to fresh experiences back in Canada for the next few years at least. A place to call ‘home’- no matter how small (21 feet to be exact) – the possibility of a return to familiar working environment, family and friends – but also new opportunities within the homeschooled community. New and exciting classes for Goose – fast approaching 6 years old and eager to expand his knowledge further, especially with other children.

An abundance of alternative income making ideas have recently sprouted in our minds – things to make and sell, part-time work opportunities and more entertainment ideas as well. Things we are excited to try together as a expand our income potential in order to continue to live the lifestyle we’ve come to love.

These 18+ months or so, have brought us closer as a family, given us a greater understanding of our values, dreams and goals and helped us plan for our future together. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to take this time we’ve needed – to find our path again and re-establish the things that are most important to us – mainly spending time together and travelling as much as possible. Now it’s up to us to keep this enthusiasm and momentum to move us forward into the next phase of our journey… and the beat goes on…


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