Starting yet another adventure…

A general idea of our route – not an exact representation!

Again, it has been ”FOREVER” since I’ve written anything on here. Life has a way of taking over and I constantly find myself in the process of making decisions/figuring things out. When in this process I cannot write anything..mainly because I have no idea what to write or say or which direction to take.

Most of my planning takes place internally. I need plenty of time to mull things over, to think, to re-consider and to eventually come to a conclusion inside before being able to voice the outcome to others. (Except my dear husband though, who bears the brunt of my decision-making processes)

We have decided, finally, to undertake a major change – yet again – in our lives… to drive across Canada and relocate on the East Coast! We plan to take 4-5 weeks to complete our drive – visiting friends and family along the way – and seeing many interesting places as well.

Our final destination will be in Nova Scotia – where we will be putting down roots for the next 5 years at least – and longer if we fall in love with the location. As for my writing plan – I hope to be able to document our travels day – by – day. Though not everyday will be able to be posted on time – depending on wifi access. But to at least write down our experiences to share will be a start.

The adventure begins in July.. so STAY TUNED!!


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