01. Breakfast, Renovations and Medical Issues

As a first lifestyle post, this might be a bit TMI, but these are the parts consuming us in our daily lives.


For the past few months, my breakfast has consisted of various smoothie concoctions, coffee and a lot of water. The reasons point towards medical issues still in question with various doctors/specialists, but major breakfast components of some sort of wheat and/or dairy are off the table for the time being.

My usual smoothie consists of non-dairy alternative – usually Oat milk (unsweetened vanilla is my favorite), though Coconut (drinking) milk has made an appearance – also Almond to a lesser degree as nuts are still a bit questionable. A ripe banana is always included, but then the mixture changes depending on what is available. Frozen or fresh berries (I prefer frozen in smoothies), mango, avocado (be careful it can make it VERY thick) or a handful of spinach is always followed by a spoonful of unfiltered raw local honey (seriously YUM) and a blitz in our high powered blender.

The coffee is currently of the drip variety – but needs to be strong, black and HOT! On my birthday wish list is a coffee grinder and a bag of quality beans (crema needed) to use in my French press – but honestly I am usually not too fussy when it comes to my morning cuppa.

Lastly is a very large glass of water or two – sometimes with lemon, but usually just plain and very cold, straight from our well. (Don’t freak out – it’s filtered and UV blasted).

And I’m ready to start the day!



The never ending wonder of home ownership comes, especially with an older home, a near ending supply of renovations and upgrades. Though we have tackled some of the larger projects when we first purchased our home – electrical, plumbing, new roof, new floors and a fully gutted and replace bathroom (thank you leak) – there are still a TON of things we need and want to change in our home.

The latest addition to our home is a lovely, custom built corner cabinet for our dining room built by Steve himself! Now, it may look simple but in a house without a single straight wall or floor, it is a major accomplishment! I love the look of it, the rustic touches, yet still bright and open! Also, did I mention the storage! Seriously, in a house without closets of cupboards, this is AMAZING!

Next up we tackle Goose’s bedroom! (Think nautical!)

Medical Issues

Now I come to my medical issues which are currently driving my limited breakfast choices (among other things). I will attempt to summarize:

For quite some time I have been experiencing troubling bowel issues, which are quite concerning given my mother passed away in 2015 from colon cancer. Thankfully, just when things started to progress, I managed to get a doctor (three years waiting on the Nova Scotia list). I was sent to a specialist and had so many tests, trips to emergency and was off work for many weeks over Christmas time in agony (no Christmas dinner for this girl!). In the new year, 2021, I finally had a colonoscopy which revealed… NOTHING!

Yes, that is correct! The colonoscopy and biopsy revealed that I do not have colon cancer or Ulcerative Colitis. Also, the three CT scans and bloodwork determined that SO FAR they cannot find any physical cause for the horrible pain and other extremely TMI symptoms I have been experiencing DAILY – sometimes up to 10 times per day! YUCK! So, the search continues to try to figure out what is going on in my that region of my body, BUT…

The CT scans, quite unintentionally, captured images from the bottom lobe of my right lung while taking images from my upper bowel. These images showed some inflammation. I was scheduled for a CT scan for my entire chest. These full images showed quite a few large dark circles in my right lung, so I was sent to a lung specialist where I was given the diagnosis of bronchiectasis.

Bronchiectasis is a disease in which there is permanent enlargement of parts of the airways of the lung. Symptoms typically include a chronic cough with mucus production. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing up blood, and chest pain. Wheezing and nail clubbing may also occur. Those with the disease often get frequent lung infections.


I’ve been sent for further bloodwork and test in order to determine the best course of action to manage symptoms and progression. Instead of feeling upset, I am actually quite pleased with the outcome as it would never have been found without my bowel issues, probably until I ended up with a serious infection. This way, I can be aware and hopefully pro-active in how I deal with any colds or future issues.

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