01. The adventure begins anew

Ibiza, Spain

It’s been a few years now since we’ve had any sort of major travelling adventure. During this time of lockdowns and social distancing, it’s easy to find myself missing our old ‘on-the-road’ lifestyle. Our Gallery contains photos of the highlights from that time in our lives. Yet, I also have to remember that in so many ways we are truly blessed to be in the situation we find ourselves during these crazy times.

We are secure in our home, in a small community, with quiet (mostly) neighbors. As an essential worker, my job is secure and therefore we have not had any major financial worries, unlike so many others. As a homeschooling family already, school closures haven’t affected us and our children already have an established daily routine within our household. Though we are missing out on many activities within our homeschooling community, the children are doing very well.

The lockdowns have made us question the lack of adventures in our daily life. We strive for something more, something different. After years on the road, we need a change, we need adventure again. The backroads, villages, trails, parks, lakes and historic sites of Nova Scotia are beckoning us. We want to explore once more. We want to taste new foods and venture towards new horizons.

Perhaps, other families are also struggling right now. Wondering what to do closer to home with children and trying not to go stir crazy at home. I hope this blog helps with some inspiration for your own family explorations on our adventure page. Our homeschooling page might be a great place to start if you are struggling with developing lesson plans or finding teaching resources. If you are simply interested what our day to day lifestyle looks like, and how we are attempting to cope with things in this ever changing world, check out our life page.

What ever you are looking for, I hope this blog gives you the courage, motivation and ideas to create your own family adventures in your backyard and beyond. Welcome!

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