04. Mahone Bay, Carrot Cake & Kombucha Update

These past few weeks have been filled with spring sunshine and adventure planning. Checkout our new adventure post for updates on our upcoming (sort of) travel plans! In the meantime, we were out enjoying ourselves in lovely Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, now that our lockdown has become somewhat less restrictive.

I love Mahone Bay. We have seriously thought about selling our little home and moving there ever since we first arrived in Nova Scotia. It is quite the lovely little town with everything you could ask for right on your door step. The kids, of course, think it has one of the best playgrounds in Lunenburg county, with some lovely wooded trails to explore.

Jubilee Park offers wooded trails, a children’s playground, a ball field and an outdoor swimming pool where swimming lessons and public swims are available during the summer.

If you follow us on Instagram @kidsonthetrek you will have already seen the amazing carrot cake made by Steve! This cake was seriously delishious and worth every bite. It was so amazing, I had to have it again at breakfast the next morning. Carrot cake and cream cheese frosting, what’s more to be said except, “YUM”.

And finally, it’s time for an update on the progress of my homebrewed kombucha. In my previous post on Kombucha – I mentioned the struggles I had and the mistakes I made during my first attempt at brewing my own. This time, I hope things work out well. It has been a few weeks, but now there seems to be a healthy scoby on top of the brew. Check out the picture below. I think it is still too early to test it out and I am nervous to introduce any bacteria that could start the molding process, as I did last time. Fingers crossed it continues to look healthy and l will have a good batch in the next week or two.

A VERY blurry scoby!

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