Parenting Adventures on the Road

Welcome to kids on the trek – a website devoted to travelling the world with our children.


Our family consists of our young son ‘Goose’, his younger sister ‘Monkey’ (was ‘Pickle’ until she turned 1 year old), my husband ‘Hubby’ and myself ‘Simpsonmom’. Our goal in life is to travel the world for as long as possible, to introduce our children and ourselves to many different cultures. As of April 2016 – as a family we have been to Spain, Canada, United States, Scotland and England.

  • As of August 2016 – we have driven through Spain, France and England on our way back to Scotland, where we will remain until early September.
  • Our next adventures take us through western Scotland and western Canada before heading to Thailand for 4 months.

This site is a work in progress, but I have attempted to make it easy to navigate depending on what you are looking for – with the tabs located at the top of this page. Though the site is going through some changes – please read the following post: Gone Gone Gone – I’ve been Gone too long… I do hope you will find some of our past posts informative and entertaining.

Here you can find links to our most resent travel posts:

As we travel the world, we are also starting our journey into homeschooling. You will find posts detailing our experiences here: Homeschool

Though the main focus of this site is to highlight long term travel with kids, I also have included some parenting posts, with and without the travel theme here: Parenting

I have included some Links and Resources for fantastic products we use and blogs I follow.

As you navigate your way through the site, please feel welcome to comment on any posts. I am always interested in feedback – be it positive and/or constructive. I also welcome the opportunity to hear what you are interested in reading about and what direction/focus you would like for this site.

*UPDATE AS OF AUGUST 26th, 2016*

I have recently come to the personal conclusion that I am not motivated to write a travel resource type of blog. There are far too many blogs that already do an excellent job of detailing activities, budgets and accommodation – in a Lonely Planet type format. I am not interested in duplicating what they already do well. Instead I am interested in a more personal blog detailing what it is like to travel with children from a parenting perspective. After-all the tag-line of this blog is – Parenting Adventures On The Road!

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